At CPR Agency we do online PR and national radio plugging campaigns for a select group of acts who we love.


Where as most PR companies wouldn’t consider taking on an act until they were already signed, we’re a bit different. We have a passion for finding new music first and when we find something special we like to shout about it. We’ve taken on acts and built them up over a period of time.


CPR is about breathing life into a campaign. We only take on acts we know we can achieve a strong level of coverage for. We go above and beyond a normal PR company. We create beautiful, to-the-point, carefully targeted HTML emails and tailor-made campaigns. We also build up detailed profiles of individual reviewers, producers and presenters’ tastes and only send them stuff they’ll love. That way, people know that an email or envelope from CPR, is an email or envelope worth opening.


We have had particular success in generating online press through blogs, with acts rapidly becoming some of the most blogged about on the Internet as reported by The Independent, The Hype Machine and Yahoo Music and in several cases acts have signed record deals as a direct result of this.


We also have experience of doing the PR for more established artists and believe in fostering relationships with artists throughout the life of their career.


If you’re a label dealing with electronic, indie and dance music or a manager with a great band who have been kept behind closed doors, then we want to hear from you. Likewise, if you’re a writer, presenter or producer who’d like to be on our mailing list, then please get in touch at the contacts below and tell us what kind of act you’d like to hear about.


“Within the first week of Rachael at CPR getting involved with Swiss Lips we were one of Hype Machine’s most blogged about artists. Within 2 months we had a record deal with Sony. The impact her work had on our career was immense” Swiss Lips, Sony Epic



CPR Agency are soon to launch CPR Digital, a sister company specialising in Word Press and Design. Please contact Jon for any digital enquiries.



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