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“This duo are perfect without being too box-ticking – they are going to be massive.

Most likely to: Take control of the charts.”  The Guardian 


“Keep an eye on these two” All Things Go

 ”this track screams MASSIVE POP HIT” Snipe 

“We’re all agog for what comes next” God Is In The TV

“Just about a perfect pop formula, surely?” The Great Escape 


“You will struggle to find an artist as attractive and appetizing as Ink in 2012″ The Recommender 

 ”I do believe that it’s one of those bands, everyone’s sitting up like mere cats and saying where’s that one come from?”Gill Mills- Amazing Radio



Sounds Like: Lykke Li, Sufjan Stevens or Alex Winston: beautiful whimsical quirky music, with great song writing at its core.


INK (all upper case) are Miriam Massie and Colin Mac, two Londoners by way of Liverpool and Scotland respectively. INK have yet to play live and Ink Goes On marks the first time they have taken their tracks out of the studio.


We aren’t the only people INK have managed to charm the pants off already: whilst working at Metropolis Studios in London, Miriam and Colin caught the ear of Dom Morley, a Grammy Award winner who won his award for work on Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black album. With Dom at the production helm, they’ve carried on developing and honing their sound.


Ink Goes On, has a beautiful premise, detailing the story of a girl who wants her lover to communicate with her, but only only in ink, in order to test his staying power and for him to prove his worth. No modern mode of communication will do, as the way she sees it; ink lasts.


Ink Goes On finds a perfect visual partner in the accompanying video by exiting new talents: Director Katia Kush and Art Director Kristine Kenmochi who  re-tell the story beautifully, putting a charmingly twist in the tale of this very modern romance.


So here they are: INK and their first track Ink Goes On, which is available as a free download via the band’s Soundcloud.