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When we started work on the online campaign for Swiss LipsU Got The Power we knew it was one of those tracks where hearing was believing, and boy did people believe.


A new band as of late 2011, as we launched their premier online and radio campaign they fast became one of the most blogged about acts on the internet as reported by Hype Machine and Yahoo Entertainment. The work we did also led to a run of daytime Radio 1 “Introducing” plays.


“Within the first week of Rachael at CPR getting involved with Swiss Lips we were one of Hype Machine’s most blogged about artists. Within 2 months we had a record deal with Sony. The impact her work had on our career was immense”Swiss Lips


Swiss Lips signed a four album deal with Sony Epic. So expect to see them riding seriously high in the charts within the next year. Congratulations Swiss Lips!


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